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Wanda S. Morgan Designs Inc. was established in 1981 in Westminster, SC.

Wanda S. Morgan (fourth from the left), owner/designer, began her company as a design consultant after graduating from college. After some experience, and as the business and market expanded, Wanda S. Morgan Designs Inc. went from a consultant type business into a full service interior & exterior design company. As the company grew it saw a need for other qualified designers. So, in a search for professional, well qualified, personable designers, Wanda s. Morgan Designs Inc. brought on board Gail Broyles, Jessica Wortkoetter, Curt Lollis, Adrienne Wates, and Hannah Heerschap. This addition of design employees, formed a design team that offers a wide array of design services and personalities along with much education and years of experience.

The design team offers services to their customers of consultation, selection, coordination, presentation, computer aided design, procurement, organization, staging, decoration, sales,and many more. Wanda S. Morgan Designs Inc. is involved in both residential and non-residential design. From speculative and custom houses, remodeling, commercial design, to simply updating for sale…we do it all! See our services page for more details.”


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Servicing SC, Northeast GA, and Western NC including the following:
• Anderson SC • Clemson SC •
• Elberton GA • Easley SC •
• Greenville SC • Hartwell GA •
• Lavonia GA • Pendleton SC
• Pickens SC • Powdersville SC •
• Salem SC • Seneca SC •
• Spartanburg SC • Toccoa GA •
• Westminster SC • Williamston SC •


Wanda S. Morgan Designs
930 East North 1st Street
Seneca, SC 29678

Wanda Morgan: 864.444.1007
Gail Broyles: 864.350.3619
Jessica Wortkoetter: 864.420.9966
Hannah Heerschap: 864.973.8800
Adrienne Wate: 864.561.5430