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Choosing the Perfect Interior Designer

These tips can help you avoid mistakes when redecorating a room or your whole house.

  1. Create a budget and a contingency fund. If you watch any DIY shows you know that there is always something unexpected to be accounted for when renovating rooms. These can cause delays and increase costs. Keep that in mind when you are doing a major overhaul of a room.
  2. Choosing a designer. This is in some ways like choosing a builder. You will want to check qualifications, education, experience, and background. And always ask for photos of past projects. (At, we have an interior design portfolio for examples of our work). You also need to feel comfortable with the designer. Make sure that your dreams and wishes are what the designer works with to create that perfect setting for you.
  3. Know and explain your expectations clearly. Gather any information, material, or pictures from magazines to help put together some inspiration and to give your designer a little to go on (maybe choose the top 10 to give to the designer). Your interior designer may choose to use the collection as a focal point for your design plan.
  4. Listen. Listen to the professional interior designer, but don’t be afraid to voice your opinions or concerns.
  5. Be patient. Allow the designer to present to you the whole design plan and paint you a picture before any definite decisions are made. Changes made before a design plan is complete will only cause confusion and potentially destroy the design plan.
  6. Have confidence in your designer and allow them to make your vision a reality.

If you are looking a for an interior designer for residential or commercial properties, please feel free to contact us for your design needs!