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Decorating vs. Home Staging

Many people think that these two are the one and the same, but with your “junk” out of the way – you know, hiding your mail, stashing your beauty products, etc. But staging is not the same as decorating. It’s about selling a lifestyle.

Here is some helpful advice when thinking about staging your home.

  1. You want a look that is welcoming, functional, and organized. Clear up clutter. Yes, you are right, the first step of staging is to put your bills, put away the many displayed family photos, and “everyday” items away.
  2. If you have a decorating style (i.e. modern, Asian, or Tuscan), you will need to take it back a few steps. This way you can appeal to more buyers, than just those who like your chosen style. Step back and try to view your home from a buyer’s eye.
  3. Stage your space with neutrals and/or neutralized colors on the walls and furnishings.  Adding splashes of brighter, richer colors are great especially when used sparingly. Think simplicity.

Staging is all about selling a lifestyle. The style of where you live has a great deal of influence on how you see yourself and others see you. Staging is editing to show functionality without overwhelming the buyers with your personal preferences. Decorating is about bringing yourself into your home and designing with intent and personalization.

With all that said, to sell your home, you have to take a step back and be objective. Being objective about your space is difficult. If you can’t take that step back, you may need professional interior design help with home staging. We are just a phone call away for your staging, designing, and home organizing needs.