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Holiday Party & Event Planning in 1 Month

eventsYes, we know that Thanksgiving is just over, but when you are planning a get together for Christmas, you need the time. If you haven’t started just yet, you are ok, but it’s time to get in order to have a great Christmas get together. Here are some tips for your holiday party:

  1. Create a schedule: At a month, you have plenty of time to think about every detail. In this case, it is sometimes easier to start planning from the day of and move backwards. Create a checklist to include tasks that need to be completed – even lighting the fire and turning on the music.
  2. Touch-ups: Look around for scuffed paint, broken lights, or other signs of wear and tear. It’s up to you if you hire someone to take care of the job or pull out your DIY tool belt. Don’t go too far out; just take care of the small things that pile up.
  3. Choose a theme and decorate: The theme can give your gathering extra energy and put everyone in the spirit. Keep an eye out for decorations or order specialty items not around town.
  4. Invitations: If you are doing invitations, it is time to start. These need to go in the mail two to three weeks before the party so everyone has time to plan and respond.
  5. Menu: If you are taking care of cooking, plan a menu and do a test run of the dishes you are not comfortable with. But there are also caterers. If you plan to use one of them, start on that now! They book fast during the holiday seasons.
  6. Clean: Add some cleaning tasks to your normal housekeeping routine. You can take care of odd tasks a few at a time, such as cleaning the oven, scrubbing grout, or cleaning baseboards.

If you find that you just don’t have the time for your own local SC holiday decorating, you can always call us. We can work with what you have or go shopping for you – whatever you need to make your holiday decorating and event go smoothly and to help fill your season with joy.
Here is one of our newest testimonials where we did a client’s tree decorating:
“I vowed last year to “contract out” my tree decorating. I made good on my promise, and called up the gals at Wanda S. Morgan Design Inc. Fabulous gals who are currently offering holiday decorating. Yeah! …They’ll decorate with what you have or they’ll go shopping for you!”