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Interior Decor for Summer Guests

810809_57483655Chances are the summer travel season will bring family and friends knocking on your front door. Summer is all about fun in the sun and happy times with family and friends.

When preparing for Summer guests, keep in mind that the most important part is gathering together to have fun and enjoy the lazy summer days.

Here are 5 inexpensive, quick tips to help make your interior decor for summer guests feel comfortable and welcoming:

  1. Offer a Comfortable Guest Room
    Find helpful hints on putting together a perfect guest room where visitors will feel welcome, comfortable, and really special. Enjoy colorful, cheery, summery new flowered bed linens.
  2. Reversible pillows or pillow covers
    Try pillow covers for one season and remove the covers for the other. These covers come in solids and patterns and have hidden zippers, so no one will know it’s the same inside.
  3. Visit your garden
    Pick a bouquet of your favorite florals from your garden. Grab a bit of that flowering ground cover to place in a small bud vase for your guests bed-side.
  4. Repaint
    It won’t take long to put a fresh coat of summery paint on a hallway or on a wall of a drab room. Choose a fresh color scheme of lemon yellow, apple green, or sky blue.
  5. Renew
    Stack your leftover wood — artfully — in your fireplace. Or remove the dried logs from your fireplace and replace them with an impressive artificial fern or a gurgling fountain. Replace your brass fire screen with painted hinged shutters or a piece of rusted, painted iron gate.

If you would like to do more or don’t have time to prepare your house’s interior decor for summer guests, Wanda S. Morgan Designs can help you update your home’s look and functionality for any of your needs!