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Tips to Plan the Perfect Holiday Party

Candles are lit. The smell of hot apple cider and cookies are filling the house. Everything is perfect!


It’s time for the guests to arrive, but you did it. Family and friends laugh and eat and reluctantly wave goodbye. As the evening comes to an end, your heart is filled with cheer, affection, and exhaustion.

Planning a holiday party is tough and seems like more trouble than they are worth. Most of us have to juggle work, Christmas shopping, and daily household chores.

Is it even possible for the 21st century woman to put on the perfect holiday party? It is! We just need to learn to maximize our time at least until the big night.

The following tips can help you ease the stress of party planning and make you feel empowered about taking on your own holiday party!

  • LOCATION – Save the hassle of cleaning and other prep work needed for guests by booking a venue. You need to book early since businesses and other organizations will use similar places for their gatherings. Also, you can always look to restaurants; most of them have private rooms for rent.
  • FOOD – This of course is the main event! But remember your friends who have special dietary needs – low calorie options, vegetarian, gluten-free, and even allergies.
  • CO-HOSTS – Sometimes it is a good idea to have another person or two join in on the planning. If you have similar tastes, it should be a breeze and more manageable.
  • ORGANIZATION – Checklists are wonderful tools! Take time to create a master list (with co-hosts) and make a plan that you can start working on!
  • RESOURCES – Look for DIY information, online tutorials, and Pintrest for ideas. The Internet has tons of free files for invitations to signs and labels. Find the inspiration to re-purpose items into party décor. There are even websites that offer full party planning guides, theme ideas, and online checklists to keep you on track.

It’s hard work; no one ever said it was easy. But if you work with these simple steps, you’ll have happy guests and be ready for the next party.

If you still don’t have time, Wanda S. Morgan Designs can help you plan your holiday event party. Don’t forget about holiday decorating either! We can help with that too. We will also be posting a blog about that in the next few weeks!