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Quick Tips to Bring Holiday Decorating Home!

Now that the turkeys have been picked to bones and Black Friday is a thing of the past, it’s time to gear up for the next holiday – Christmas!

With plenty of things to do for festivity (parties, tree lightings, etc), it can be difficult finding time to deck the halls. So we sat down and thought about some of our favorite (and quick) tricks to add some holiday decorating to your home through the busy season!

  1. Instead of pulling your planter away during the winter months, us them to create a Christmas scene. Add small Cyprus trees, large glass ornaments, and moss and grapevine spheres.
  2. Hang a wreath. You can even go bigger with some pine garland and some “wrapped gifts.”
  3. Use paper luminaries as an inexpensive way to add holiday spirit to a home’s exterior. Fill with sand and a single votive, you can create a glowing front entrance.
  4. If you have a great big floor mirror, you can drape some twinkle lights over and around for “Christmas-y” ambiance.
  5. We absolutely love sweets in glass containers. Candy canes in a glass; apothecary jar with kisses, cakes stands covered in cookies and other goodies. YUM!
  6. Make your own Advent calendar using envelopes, stick-on-numbers, and a large bulletin board. Add treats to each envelope and enjoy the fun. FYI candy canes are great treats, but sometimes a gift card to the ice cream parlor or a coupon for an extra hour of video game time is a nice surprise.

If you still want to do more to your house but don’t have the time, Wanda S Morgan Designs can help you with  holiday decorating and event planning. Contact us today so you don’t miss out!