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Benefits of CADD used by Interior Designers

CADD stands for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. CADD offers many beneficial aspects to a construction or renovation project for interior designers and their clients.

Below is a table of how certain CADD features benefit both the interior designer and the client.


CADD Features Designer Benefits Client Benefits
Computer Models This allows for accurate representations of the area, easier editing, custom plans, and photo-realistic renderings. This helps to reduce the project time. The client can know what the final product will look like based off computer representations.
Easier Changes to Drafts Since the draft is electronic, the designer can create and edit files with more ease than the traditional paper draft. This helps to reduce time in the planning stage. The designer doesn’t have to draft a completely new layout if minor changes are needed.
Blue Prints This allows for accurate representations of space in an area. It can even mark out out where furniture or electrical wires will be located. With accurate representations of space in an area, that feature you have to have can be planned for with accuracy.
3D Models The designer can show the design from multiple angles so they can make design decisions on the flow of the area. The client can see the design from multiple angles as though they were actually there.
Photo-realistic Renderings The designer doesn’t have to explain what the final product will look like. With CADD, the client can SEE the final product rather than visualize a close representation.


From concepts to reality. CADD drafting services (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) paint a picture of your future space. Services Offered by Wanda S. Morgan Designs include: