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The farmhouse style has been a huge trend in design this year, but with the holiday nearing we want you to know you don’t have to lose that rustic feel in all the chaos. Here are 5 things you must have this holiday season to keep that rustic feel throughout your home.

1. Burlap

A staple in all farmhouses during this holiday season. Don’t be surprised to see lots of decorations adding burlap in stores this year. Burlap works so well with that warm comforting feeling the holidays bring, and can be an excellent touch in so many areas within your home. You can add it in the wreath on your front door to really set the stage for what your interior has to hold. Adding it to throw pillows can put any couch into the “holiday spirit”. By adding some on the tree and in your ornaments you can truly bring the entire space together. Burlap is a great choice to keep that rustic feel during the holidays.

2. Plaid

Plaid can seem scary and overwhelming, but when used properly it can add a great touch of pattern to your holidays. Try adding some plaid pillows or table mats, maybe even some plaid ribbon on the banister railing, it can be a quick and easy way to put pattern into your space without being so “in your face”. Think of plaid as more than just red and black, you could branch out and use orange and black during the fall season to keep orange tones or green and brown to bring in earthy tones. Plaid comes in all colors and can pair great in many farmhouse spaces.

3. Rustic wood

You probably already have loads of rustic wood in your farmhouse space, so why not continue its use into your holiday decorations. Rustic woods make an excellent focal point in a space, they also pair great with things such as; burlap, plaid and traditional holly. Rustic woods are also becoming a huge trend in holiday decorating and will be found in many new pieces coming out this season.

4. Mason Jars

We know it’s a tradition in southern living, and you probably already have these on hand in your cabinet. Mason jars make excellent additions to a centerpiece on a table or right on top of the mantel. These can be painted, wrapped, or filled with things you think would pair well in your home. Mason jars are extremely versatile and can add character and holiday cheer to the smallest of places throughout your home.

5. Pinecones

No, we don’t mean the pinecones off the tree outside. Pinecones are becoming very popular in many stores during the holiday season. Pinecones can be used all across the home for a small dainty accessory in places you just aren’t sure what to do with. Filling vases with scented pinecones can make any home smell amazing! What about those bathrooms they’re always lacking in holiday decoration, why not add a few pinecone elements, either on their own or in another decoration to bring some life to all parts of the home.