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Falling into the Lines of Design

Fall tends to be a favorite season for many.  The hayrides, the pumpkin carvings, late night bonfires, and the football games are just a few traditions that tend to occur this time of year.  Seasons not only influence our activities, but they also inspire interior design.

  1. Color – fall colors tend to be associated with warmer hues and have made their appearances in both dominant and subtle ways.  A dominant example is designing a room with yellow paint, maroon upholstery and dark wood finishes.  A subtle example is selecting a dark green velvet sofa for a room painted in a cooler gray.  Saddle colored leather is popular for upholstered pieces, and though it has an orange undertone, the leather goes well with many other colors and styles.  Though a room can be designed predominantly in fall tones, mixing warm colors with the cooler colors is one way to create an inviting and updated design.
  2. Textures – fall showcases a blend of textures, especially through fashion as we grab our wool socks, thick sweater, and flannel pjs.  We can also do that through design by throwing a knotted blanket across a bed, blending heavily textured upholstered furniture in a room, or covering throw pillows in fur casings.  Whether appearing warm or cold, soft or rough, mixing textures to space add another level of comfort and dimension.
  3. Layers – we add layers for warmth during this cooler season.  The fashion industry markets several pieces of clothes on their models to not only show function, but to fashionable display their products to appear warm and cozy.  We can also accomplish this same look in interiors.  Bedding is an example of adding layers by using matelasse’s, comforters, blankets, and pillows galore.  Bookcases and mantels are another example by selecting home accessories of different heights and sizes.  A popular trend is layering rugs.  Lay a simple jute rug with a small cowhide rug on top or a large, plain rug to anchor the furniture pieces with a bright smaller rug to add design and colors.

Seasons bring lovely changes and we hope you find inspiration through them to decorate and design your home.  Happy fall!