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The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is said to be “the heart of the home.” It is the place where we tend to begin our day with a cup of coffee and finish it with dinner preparation and clean up. As open floor concepts became more popular, the kitchen emerged from behind its walls and has been used for more than just a place to prepare for food. Through its evolution, kitchen renovations have become more sought after and encouraged especially for resale, but it can be a daunting task without a guidance of where to start.

With years of experience and knowledge of kitchen renovation, WSMD guides the homeowner through a step-by-step process.


Too many cooks in the kitchen? It may not be the quantity of users that makes the space feel cramp but rather the overall layout. It is crucial to plan each appliance and cabinet unit for proper flow and function. Through the space planning process, designers also keep in account of the codes such as the distance of one countertop across from another, the lighting placement, electrical outlets, etc.



Make it your own! Through a variety of vendors and resources, the residents can select the floors, countertops, cabinet hardware, tile, etc. to make their kitchen unique for themselves. Because of the endless options, designers guide the users to select the product best suited and reflected for them.


WSMD brings the concept together through visual aids and elevation renderings before the renovation takes place, which is reassuring and exciting for the homeowners to see beforehand.  Once the details are finalized, the product is ordered, the contractors are scheduled, and the plan is executed. The residents are then able to enjoy the heart of their home for many days ahead.