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Highlights at High Point 2021

Highlights at High Point

The designers of Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. recently attended the largest home furnishings industry trade shows in the world: High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina. With its 10 million square feet, one can imagine the variety of materials, designs, and styles to enhance the artist’s creativity and inspiration.

This event happens twice a year and has become the leading show for home furnishing. Vendors, manufacturers, and designers introduce their designs, and consumers have the opportunity to see these designs before they are displayed in retailers across the world.

Here is a quick glimpse of the current trend that you might want in your house:

  1. The designers noted how often purple was shown in the showrooms. It was painted on the walls and trim, accented throughout the accessories, displayed on furniture, and framed in art. Purple is associated with royalty, wisdom, spirituality, and bravery as well as enhances an artistic and unique appeal for the individual.


  1. Boucle dominated the upholstery throughout. Boucle is a woven / knitted fabric looped together to produce tiny curls and a nubby texture. There was a sense of warmth and comfortability throughout the showrooms.


  1. Though this is not a new trend, tassels, specifically leather tassels, were uniquely displayed on light fixtures and furniture.


What are your thoughts about these trends? Would you like to see these colors, textures, and designs within your home? Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. has direct accounts with many of these exclusive manufacturers and can offer these uniquely designed products for each of their clients.