Is it Worth the Wait?

Is it Worth the Wait?

Jennie Ryerson


Many of us, if not all of us, have experienced the post-Covid delays and the unavailability of products and goods. Production rates were affected when manufacturers were forced to shut down and later restructure to meet the CDC’s social distancing recommendations. Across the globe the impacts of Covid have been felt, from paper supplies all the way to building materials. Consumer reports suggest some supplies may not be fully or readily available for years to come, as these companies continue to play catch-up with their supply chain. 


Some of our clients have raised concerns as to the lack of available building materials and products. These supply issues have caused many delays in new home construction for a number of our clients, while other clients have been waiting months to receive new furniture and appliances. This has caused frustrations across the board, for both the consumers and the designers here at WSMD. Understandably, this has caused our clientele to look to both local and online retail stores rather than shop through our interior designers’ wholesale accounts. We, at WSMD, do not discredit local or online retailers, rather, our concerns arise due to consumer impulse purchases. We have noticed the consumers’ sudden urge to rush to the nearest retail store to purchase items that are readily available. These compulsions are understandable and often driven by the clients’ desire to stay in control during such uncertain times. However, this can cause long term, costly dissatisfaction for the buyer.


Our designers recently met with homeowners, who were working previously with a different designer during the Covid outbreak. The house in reference is a custom-built home that caters to the individual tastes of these particular clients. The previous designer had selected and specified furniture from her wholesale accounts for the entirety of the home. The clients loved the look, the style, and the feel the items brought to the home, but loathed the fact the furniture would be delayed for months and, for some pieces, an entire year. Against the designer’s encouragement to wait, the clients terminated the contract and purchased a variety of furniture through local and online retailers. Their furniture arrived within a few short weeks, but the clients were completely dissatisfied upon arrival. Their million-dollar home now looked inexpensive with their furniture choices. The new furniture looked out of place and inconsistent with their home’s style. The homeowners now have a variety of furniture they are displeased with and have expressed their regrets in not being more patient. Due to the displeasing furniture, the homeowners contacted WSMD to reselect and specify furniture from our wholesale furniture accounts. In conclusion, the homeowners realized, it is indeed worth it to wait! Waiting for furniture that will enhance their million-dollar home, is custom made for their custom home, is a certain quality, and meets their specific needs will be one of the best home decisions they ever make. 


As mentioned previously, we do not discredit local and online furniture retailers. They have been a great resource, even for us. However, we encourage our clients to allow their interior designer to select furniture that is consistent with their clients’ style and meets the clients’ needs. Through us at WSMD, our clients have access to our high-end furniture wholesale accounts. The furniture we offer guarantees a certain quality and comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes. We stand behind the products we offer and guarantee white-glove customer service. With our training and experience, WSMD’s designers select furniture and accessories that fit the style and location of the home, as well as ensuring functionality for the consumer.


Though the aftermath of the Covid outbreak is not ideal, and we understand our clients’ frustrations, we encourage them to wait, because in the end, it will be worth the wait!