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A Taste of Fall

Isn’t it funny how we moan and groan as soon as we see fall décor hit the shelves in mid-July, but the moment September is here, we are ready to fully embrace the season? Why is that? There is something about fall that makes crowds flock to their local home accessory retailer faster than the leaves can hit the ground. Sure, pumpkin spice candles, warm neutral throws, and creamy white pumpkins sound appealing and certainly can dress up a space. But many do not realize that fall décor, or any décor in general, can be OVERDONE. How? Too many fall accessories can make your living spaces feel unorganized and cluttered, if not placed deliberately. Here are 3 things to think about as you fall in love with placing your fall décor:

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1) Balance is Best
Balance is key to not only decorating your home for holidays but also to accessorizing your home between seasons. Rather than overloading your front door or fireplace with pumpkins galore, try using asymmetrical balance to place your fall décor – creating a cleaner and more sophisticated look. Overall, your fall décor should be spread out throughout the space, allowing your eye to soak in the visually pleasing décor as it moves around the room.

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2) Less is More
Too many fall decorations and accessories can easily make your living spaces feel more cluttered. Always remember: “Less is More.” Rather than having a full spread at your dining table, a simple fall centerpiece can bring warmth and color to the space without overcompensating. Kitchens appear to be the most frequently overdone space on social media, with garlands over sink windows, pointless tiered trays displaying mini décor, fall-themed coffee cups, and lastly BATS. BATS EVERYWHERE. Hasn’t anyone ever seen Batman?! Keep things simple in the kitchen by burning your favorite fall-flavored candle and changing out your hand towels to a fall theme of your choice. That’s it. Less is more.

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3) Orange is Not the New Black
When most people think of fall décor they think of orange pumpkins, orange throws, orange pillows, orange candles, orange-leaved garlands, orange plates… orange, orange, orange! Just because it is a fall color does not mean it can become your home’s newly welcomed neutral. Stop thinking, “It’s fall, so orange blends.” Orange is not the new black. The trick is to sprinkle your new fall-favorite throughout a space. Create unity and harmony by using different shades of orange. And lastly, pair orange with other warm neutrals, such as cream and taupe colors. Not only will these helpful tips create the perfect fall sanctuary within your home without overdoing it, but they will also help you decorate on a budget.