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Spring 2024 Upstate Lake Living

Our article in the Winter issue of the Upstate Lake Living article:

Spring Serenity: The Guide to a Clean and Serene Home

The holidays are over, and days are getting warmer, so what now? It may be time to do some spring cleaning! As we welcome the blissful return of flora and fauna, we may experience a renewed sense of energy. What better way to expend this boost of energy than to revitalize your home? By letting go of items that don’t serve your purpose, and rearranging your house to fulfill your needs, you will not only gain mental clarity but also invite better, more positive experiences into your environment.

At times the most difficult task is figuring out where to start. Before beginning your journey to declutter, take a moment to visualize what your ideal home looks like. You may want to create a vision board or a list to help you achieve your goal. To stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed, setting a schedule for each area or task can also be helpful. Once you are ready to proceed take a page off the “KonMari Method” by Marie Kondo and start discarding the possessions that no longer bring you joy or aren’t essential to your daily life. Disposing of old and unnecessary items first allows for a clean slate before starting to reorganize and may provide a clear view of your end goal. This creates space for new design elements and ensures a cleaner, more organized environment. Don’t forget about those easily overlooked areas. Clean out cabinets, organize closets and garages, and give attention to neglected corners. This guarantees that each area is given proper attention, maximizing the effectiveness of your spring cleaning.

When it comes to your closet adding accessory inserts can be a big help to keep all goods well organized. Set out a plan for your closet by noting the clothing items, shoes, and accessories you have and detail what your needs are for everyday use. Then you can decide which inserts and organizers best suit your lifestyle. For example, if you work in a corporate environment, you may find a pant and tie rack pullout to be useful as it offers easy-to-reach storage for your formal attire. Alternatively, if your wardrobe consists more of short sleeve shirts and casual wear, you may consider having more double-hang space than long-hang. Furthermore, designating areas for shoes and bags with adjustable shelves can provide easier accessibility and better visibility when choosing what to wear for the day.

Another area that can benefit from organizers and inserts is your kitchen. Often, we find that the standard adjustable shelf in your cabinets is not enough to keep utensils, appliances, and other kitchen items in order. Incorporating pull-outs and inserts for spices, utensils, and pantry items can enhance your cooking time by providing easy access. Systemize your pots, pans, and food storage by including cookware organizers such as pegs and dividers for your base cabinet drawers.  

Introduce a spring-inspired color palette. Pastel tones, vibrant hues, and nature-inspired shades can instantly brighten and revitalize your space. Change out throw pillows, blankets, wall décor, and knick-knacks to give your home a new feeling and aesthetic. Acquiring assistance from a Designer may come of use as you brainstorm your home selections. You may also consider using candles, diffusers, or fresh flowers to bring in delightful fragrances. Select fragrances that enhance the essence of spring to intensify the aroma and achieve that freshly cleaned scent. Bring the outdoors inside! Natural elements not only add beauty but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Add potted plants, fresh flowers, or botanical prints to incorporate that spring feeling.

You don’t have to get new furniture to refresh your space, consider rearranging your furniture to give rooms a new energy. Experiment with different layouts to maximize natural light and create a more open and inviting atmosphere. It’s a simple yet effective way to transform your living spaces. Refresh your fabrics and carpets with thorough cleaning. Whether it’s a professional service or a DIY approach, removing stains and accumulated dust will leave your furniture looking and feeling brand new.