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Our article in the summer issue of the Upstate Lake Living article: Easy ways to increase home value In this day of headlines blaring about increasing inflation, high interest rates and fluctuating gas prices, many are looking for ways to save money and find alternative avenues to

Our article in the spring issue of the Upstate Lake Living article: Planning a Successful Design-Build Project So many people want to get straight to construction. The quicker you get started the quicker it gets done. However, it doesn’t work quite that way without some detailed

Is it Worth the Wait? Jennie Ryerson   Many of us, if not all of us, have experienced the post-Covid delays and the unavailability of products and goods. Production rates were affected when manufacturers were forced to shut down and later restructure to meet the CDC’s social distancing

Follow up post……. REINVENTING OUTDOOR LIVING…..THE NEW OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE  As our lives are constantly changing, we, as humans, must find creative ways to adapt to the world around us.  Now more than ever, that has become an understatement as all of us are looking for

The kitchen is said to be “the heart of the home.” It is the place where we tend to begin our day with a cup of coffee and finish it with dinner preparation and clean up. As open floor concepts became more popular, the kitchen

CADD stands for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. CADD offers many beneficial aspects to a construction or renovation project for interior designers and their clients. Below is a table of how certain CADD features benefit both the interior designer and the client. [custom_table] CADD Features Designer Benefits Client Benefits Computer Models This allows