Holiday Decorating

Holiday & Event Decorating

Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. offers a variety of specialty services for:

Birthday Party

Let us decorate for you so that you can focus on invitations, logistics, and everything else to make your loved one feel special! We can work around themes and organize parties for honorees of any age.


This once-in-a-lifetime event can also be one of the most stressful without the right help. The dedicated design experts at Wanda S. Morgan Designs will translate your dream deco into a reality – whether you are holding court inside or outside.


We can handle all of the decorating- setting up your floor plan to optimize foot traffic, decorating the area around your chosen theme and so on.


Anniversaries occur once a year, and both partners should be well rested enough to enjoy the occasion. Let us handle the details of your decorating. We can even help you build a theme and keep it running for you regardless of where you decide to move this intimate and special event.

Holiday Event

Regardless of the holiday, we know how to build an exciting, unique theme that your friends and family will never forget.


We service Black Tie events and casual banquets.


Focus on the people while we build out your theme.

Corporate Event

Our experience in the commercial world has given us decades of experience in how to marry memorable and executive. Our work will reflect your unique business personality in the most professional way possible.

Social Event

Give us the plan, no matter how vague or detailed. We have the talent to fill in the holes and make it happen.

And Moreā€¦

Whether you are planning a small intimate event or a large celebration, your dreams should not be limited by your budget. Contact us today. We will call upon the best of our creativity, professional expertise, and organizational abilities, resources and contacts to make your dreams come true on all of your special occasions!