I have done business with Wanda S. Morgan Designs for the past eight years. When I make a presentation for my hand-knot rugs, all the designers are present and very attentive. Wanda looks to her team for constructive feedback and the designers help make a mutual decision as to what products to show in the display that is appropriate for their market. I must say, Wanda's team is at the top of my list for being organized and professional. It's always a pleasure to make a presentation of my products in their showroom because of the excitement that enters the room when all are present. I must point out, sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment and I must plan several weeks ahead in order to meet their schedule. This in reality is a positive, because I love doing business with a bustling and energetic company. I look forward to many future years of doing business with Wanda S. Morgan Designs.

C. Reason
National Sales Director

While living in Charleston, SC, we built a house in Anderson: a separation of about 200 miles. We had little familiarity with building suppliers in the area. The advice and assistance that we received from Wanda and her associates was invaluable. It saved us time and money and enabled us to avoid a lot of confusion. Wanda and her team are knowledgeable and professional. We have lived in the home for six years, and are quite pleased with the way it turned out. We have recommended Wanda Morgan to people we have met who are considering building a house.

B. & J. Hayne
New Construction / Seneca, SC

Several years ago when my wife & I decided that we wanted to re-do the interior of our home from top to bottom, we were looking for a no hassle process with quick and quality results using a professional firm. We didn't want to have to select paint colors, carpet colors, plumbing fixtures, and all of the other items needed to complete the project. By Selecting Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. each of these requirements were met. The process of achieving the results was straight forward. After an initial meeting with Wanda, a contact person was assigned to us. This person did the research on all our request, showed the items to us, and we then made our selections. Wanda's staff was always on time and completed the project with quality workmanship and professionalism. My wife and I were completely satisfied with the results.

B. & V. Mitchell
Remodel / Seneca, SC

Very professional. Interested in meeting clients needs and puts forth every effort to accomplish this goal. Easy to work with and very professional

R. Camp
New Construction / Seneca, SC

Each job is treated as if it's the only one they have. Wanda wants your input into the designs. The end result is perfect. Keep up the good work!

P. Dermer
Remodel / Anderson, SC

We recently relocated to Greenville County and purchased what most would consider a “mountain vacation” style home. The house had “good bones” as they say, but was in dire need of a complete renovation. We wanted to add some space and modernize the house, but also wanted to keep the original design theme and character intact. While looking for an architect, interior designer and builder we were pleased to stumble upon Wanda at a local Home and Garden show. After a brief conversation it was clear Wanda S Morgan Designs would be able to provide all the services we needed with one-stop convenience. Hiring Wanda was a no-brainer. Shortly thereafter we began the planning stage along with Brittany, architect extraordinaire, and Curt Lollis, master builder. Wanda and her team listened, provided excellent feedback/recommendations and a plan was born. Demolition and construction began shortly thereafter and several months later the project was completed. Throughout the whole process Wanda, Brittany and Curt were a pleasure to work with, handled numerous on-the-fly design tweaks with ease and made sure all work was completed to our satisfaction. Looking back, we couldn’t be more pleased with the entire process and the final result. Wanda’s interior and exterior design choices, colors and finishes complement the original character of our home. The architectural design, workmanship and finish are all top-notch and blended perfectly with the existing structure. Friends and family have been amazed at the transformation and how seamlessly the changes were integrated. We highly recommend Wanda and her team for any renovation, remodeling or new construction project you are considering. They are honest, reliable, dedicated to quality and passionate about their projects.

Brian & Cindi M.
Travelers Rest, SC

I have enjoyed working with Wanda and Brittany on many occasions. I fine their concern and attention for detail very refreshing. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional.

Cathy Holmes, Classic Lighting & Design
Retail – Seneca, SC

Wanda has a unique ability to work with a broad range of client preferences and to deliver to that client exactly what they envisioned…and more!

Alderman Maynard, Maynard’s Home Furnishing
Retail – Belton, SC

Wanda S. Morgan Designs has a very “professional manner” and is a tremendous amount of “help” when we need it.

Robert Baldree, Excell Builder
Contractors – Anderson, SC

Our company likes “the professional way you are prepared to present to a customer. Your company does a great job.

Curt Lollis, Excell Custom Builders
Contractors – Anderson, SC

Wanda has a plethora of professionals to assist her in carrying out her vision for your home. In our makeover she utilized carpenters, painters, and an organizer. All were very good, but the organizer went above and beyond. Wanda and Brittany have a great eye for the potential of a room/house in taking it from humdrum to WOW!

Priscilla Taylor
Re-Model Client – Townville, SC

Wanda S. Morgan Designs finishes and adds the special touches to a person’s home in areas the average homeowner never even thinks about.” Wanda S. Morgan Designs has a “hands-on approach, creative resolution, in depth design and interior decorating knowledge.

Stephanie Montgomery
Re-Model Client – Townville, SC

Wanda did a fantastic job of capturing our style and I never felt as if anything was forced on us. It is also refreshing that Wanda was aware of our budget and did a fabulous job of keeping us in it!

Angela Watts
Re-Model Client – Anderson, SC

I appreciated how well you listened to our likes and dislikes. We love the paint colors that were selected. Our house feels more like a home, and we truly love it!

Pamela Robinson
Re-Model Client – Townville, SC

We added a master bedroom, master bath, office, family room and another bathroom onto our house and we did a major remodel on the original part of the house. Wanda and Brittany helped make a very involved remodeling process much easier. So many decisions had to be made in regard to paint and stain colors, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and with selecting the furniture and accessories. The decisions seemed overwhelming until we had their assistance. We basically just told them what colors and styles we liked and that we would like a WOW effect when a person entered the front door for the first time. I can honestly say that that is the exact response we have received. We felt like our money was well spent because we ended up with results that we will be happy with for many years to come. Wanda has a special gift for determining the design style that best suits her clients and knows how to execute it to perfection. We were also very pleased with all of the subcontractors that were recommended to us. We would highly recommend Wanda S. Morgan Designs to anyone doing either a remodeling project or new construction.

Tony & Carol Hicks
Re-Model Client – Eastanollee, GA

Wanda S. Morgan Designs has several qualities we like including: “professional, pleasant, easy to work with, good communication, gifted eye for color coordination and design.

Carol Hicks
Re-Model Client – Eastanollee, GA

Wanda S. Morgan Designs is “always helpful” and “I always like what they put together.

Fran Ashworth
Re-Model Client – Anderson, SC

Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. team was very responsive to our remodeling needs. They were insightful and creative in design. They were efficient and our project was completed on time. The team took pride in performing quality work. They were trustworthy and dependable. I believe that Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc. is excited about their work, and enjoys helping customers accomplish their renovation goals.

Arthur & Barbara Logan
Re-Model Client – Seneca, SC

Your company was very professional and helpful. She gave me choices rather than pushing one idea. It was great for me not to have to locate the service men. I was pleased with the promptness of the service. The painter, electrician, and tile installer were all professional and neat.

Nancy Sorensen
Re-Model Client – Greer, SC

I enjoyed the availability of Ms. Morgan. She had flexible times and was able to meet with me at my convenience. She would reply to an email almost instantly. I had a very pleasant experience. The color scheme was great! Everyone loved it!

Masters Wok, Connie Ng
Re-Model Client – Anderson, SC

Wanda has a very relaxed method of giving good ideas and is clear in her understanding. She made certain everything was taken care of without my needing to follow-up. She would roll up her sleeves and get to work herself to make sure all the details were seen to. I felt very comfortable with Wanda and Brittany. I have already recommended Wanda to others. Her ideas are very, very good!

Betty Yates
Re-Model Client – Anderson, SC

We were particularly impressed with three aspects of Wanda S. Morgan Designs, Inc.: the skill and knowledge of the people involved, the supervision, and coordination provided by Wanda guaranteed that all work was perfect and done in a timely manner, and Wanda willingly listened to and incorporated our ideas or gave us viable alternatives. We particularly appreciated that all of the employees arrived on time, used their efficiently, cleaned up behind themselves daily, and were communicative and courteous. We have no complaints. Everything was done to our satisfaction. All of the employees were craftsman, competent, and work was done in a timely friendly manner.

Carol Walling
Re-Model Client – Clemson, SC

We always like your selections; very talented in color and design. We trust Wanda’s judgment so much, we really would not have to see it beforehand.

Linda Strang
New Construction Client – Greenville, SC

Stacy and I truly appreciate all of the time and effort you and your associates put into making our project a home. We appreciated how our interests were incorporated in each phase of the decision making process.

Blake Tannery
New Construction Client – Anderson, SC

Professionalism; quality of work; details in the interior of the house; everything just comes together and the finished product is great! We were very pleased with Wanda S. Morgan Designs services; this is the second time we used Wanda Morgan (1st remodel & 2nd new construction). Working with Wanda and Brittany was a pleasure. They made building our house much easier. They worked with us from the beginning to the end and made our home exactly what we wanted.

Bob & Charlene Seaborn
New Construction Client – Easley, SC